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She Really Needs a Priest

Let’s Talk About Train to Busan

My exploration of foreign horror movies continues with another stop in Korea. As a zombie flick aficionado, the glowing reviews from the community and critics alike – 94% on the Tomatometer and 88% Audience Score at Rotten Tomatoes – meant I had to board the Train to Busan. And boy, I’m glad I did. This […]

Let’s Talk About The Burning

I missed this one over the years. HOW. Things you NEED to know about this movie: This is the first movie under MIRAMAX , the production company launched by the disgraced Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob. Weinstein was desperate to get into the horror movie genre after seeing the success of The Texas Chainsaw […]

Let’s Talk About Possessor

4 Things: There were some film sequences with flashing lights and colors that made me physically nauseous. So beware. If you like David Cronenberg (Dad) films, you’ll probably like this. If you like Black Mirror, you’ll probably like this. A lot of stabbing. Like, A LOT of stabbing. Possessor is Brandon Cronenberg’s second outing – […]

Let’s NOT Talk About Cannibal Holocaust

Disgusting. Fuck no. Just no need. Who is this for? I wanted to do something fun and different. Explore some new forms of horror. First stop: Italy. I like gelato. I liked Suspiria. Why not? I researched the big names: Argento, Barva (Mario and Lamberto), Fulci and Deodato. Italian horror basically breaks down into four […]

Let’s Talk Lovecraft & Color Out of Space

As a life-long horror fan, I only recently realized that many of my favorite films have been heavily influenced by H.P Lovecraft. Movies like The Thing, The Void, In the Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, and Prince of Darkness always stuck with me and remain some of my favorites to this day. I love the […]

Let’s Talk About The Void

Last week I asked for some movie recommendations, an Instagram friend suggested this. He told me if I liked 80s horror movies like John Carpenter’s The Thing and Hellraiser – with a Lovecraftian element – that I should give this a try. The Thing? Hellraiser? Lovecraft? SOLD! I love my horror with a touch of […]

Let’s Talk About Peter Jackson’s Dead-Alive

This film goes by two titles with two covers. There are many cuts of this film depending on where you live due to the gore. It was originally released as Braindead (1992) in New Zealand, but was relased under the title of Dead-Alive (1993) in North American. A distribution company was concerned it would be […]

Let’s Talk About Gore

In Sequence from top left: Misery 1990, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning 2006, Hostel 2005, The Hills Have Eyes 2006, The Thing 1982. I’ve always had a fascination with Gore scenes in Horror Movies. I see it as an artform. If you can make the viewers sick to the pits of their stomachs, CONGRATULATIONS! You […]

She Really Needs a Priest

I started this blog as a way to pay homage to all the great horror movies of the past, present and near future. I have been a horror fan my whole adult life, and I will share with you some of the best, bloodiest, most gruesome & gory moments in horror all in quick read […]

My First Horror Experience

It was 1983, my Aunt had just purchased one of these new devices called a VCR! Suddenly all the box office hits were available to view in the comfort of your own living room. Having seen the film in the theater the year before, my Mom and Aunt were eager to bring this hot tape […]

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