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High Horror With Anya & Sam: A New Monthly Podcast

I’ve been keeping busy with podcasts as you can see from my Podcasts page.

In addition to my own podcast, Let Us In that I host with three other creators from TikTok, I’ve also teamed up with Anya Gorre from Horror And More With Anya Gorre.

Once a month, we’ll get together to review a horror movie. Last year we were going to review Anything for Jackson (2020) (You can find my review highlighted. What ended up happening is that we ABSOLUTELY lucked into the pleasure of speaking to Keith Cooper, (the writer of Anything for Jackson) directly for a phenomenal interview about the film. We learned so much about the production of the film, the Easter eggs they intentionally placed in the film, the experiences with the actors. It really was the highlight of my podcast career.

Take a listen: The post can be found here.

So we finally go together to actually review the film in all its glory!

Take a listen! ⬇️🎙️


By shereallyneedsapriest

I've loved the horror genre since I was seven. I eat, sleep, breathe horror.

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