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Let’s Talk About The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It

Vera & Patrick are back as the Warrens.

I will try hard to not give away spoilers.

My last review was Anything For Jackson, the horror movie made for horror fans.

Last Friday, June 4th, Warner Bros decided to put up The Conjuring 3 for rental for 48 hours. I watched it through Amazon Prime for $24.99. I imagine a lot of people paid the price to rent the third instalment of this franchise.

I am a BIG fan of the Warrens, I’ve always followed their cases as a paranormal enthusiast.

The first Conjuring movie was phenomenal. I had zero complaints, and it left me counting down to the next movie. I can’t remember waiting in such anticipation for a follow-up. It altered the horror genre at that point — moving from body horror and torture porn into more traditional horror. Truly scary, creepy, edge-of-your-seat horror. One of the best horror movies of the decade, hands down. I was also a big fan of the second movie simply because I’ve studied that Enfield Poltergeist case at length. I felt the movie did it justice.

Here were are at number three however: The Devil Made Me Do It. It’s important to note that this is the first Conjuring not directed by James Wan, although he did contribute to the story. Based on the true case of the 1981 trial of Arne Johnson in Connecticut. Johnson stabbed another man to death. His defense: he’s possessed. Yes, it was an interesting case, but there were more interesting cases involving the Warrens that may have made for a more exciting watch. The Snedeker house or the Smurl family haunting, for example.

The first 20 minutes of this film was good. It started strong with a few exciting scares. But then… it slogged. The pace went from breakneck to glacial. A few scenes felt like re-hashes of previous scenes in The Conjuring franchise. Some were way too long.

The film didn’t really explain the Arne Johnson case. So if you want to know more about that, you’ll have to do your own research.

I had questions about “The Occultist” character throughout. I couldn’t tell if she was a ghost, a demon, or a real person until the last quarter of the film. I felt like the story lacked flow. There were moments where I was left wondering if it was veering toward a romance movie.

The Conjuring 3 relied far too heavily on just a handful of creepy scenes and jump scares for payoff. Excessive CGI and loud effects clouded the fright factor in this movie. Is this an action or horror movie? It certainly didn’t flow with the previous two installments.

Despite having the largest budget of all three (!!!) and the magnificent build up from The Conjuring 1 & 2, this movie was a big let down. I’m only giving this movie 🔪🔪/5 and that’s being fucking generous. The one saving grace was seeing Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprising the roles of Ed and Lorraine Warren, these two have some of the best all-time chemistry and I love their sheer dedication to these roles. Without them, this movie would be a knife-less 0/5.

Did you rent The Conjuring 3? What did you think? Leave a comment!

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Let’s Talk to Keith Cooper About Anything for Jackson

Anything for Jackson (2020)

In my last blog I discussed the movie, Anything for Jackson. It’s one of the BEST horror movies I’ve seen in a long time. I have now watched it a total of three times. You can find it streaming on Amazon Prime- The Super Channel. It’s worth the subscription, plus Amazon often offers free trials for the extra channels. Remember when we used to rent movies? Think of it like that. WATCH IT!

An elderly couple will do anything for their grandson. Anything. This movie showcases the devastation of grief and guilt. Jackson tragically died, and in grief, the couple turn to Satanism to bring back their grandchild.

This movie is fast-paced, superbly written and flawlessly executed. This horror movie is made for horror fans. It helps when the creators are also horror fans.

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of co-hosting a podcast with Anya Gorre from Horror and More with Anya Gorre. We were thrilled to have the chance to talk to Keith Cooper, the writer of this film. The man behind the nightmarish, intense and completely unnerving, Anything for Jackson. We learned SO many interesting tidbits about the movie, the filming process and behind the scenes info. It was a fun conversation amongst horror fans, and Keith was great! Take a listen below!

If you haven’t watched Anything for Jackson yet, I highly encourage you to. If you have, what did you think of it? What were your favorite scenes. Drop a comment!

You can find the lovely Anya Gorre on Instagram

You can find the fascinating Keith Cooper on Instagram and Twitter

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Let’s Talk About Anything For Jackson

(2020) An Amazon/ Super Channel Original: A welcome surprise

“No one has more time than a grieving family. No one.” ~ Audrey Walsh

I’m always searching for the next great horror movie to write about. This is it. This is the sleeper hit of 2020 and can be currently found on the Super Channel through Amazon Prime. It’s a total hit! THIS is the movie I’ve been waiting for and I’m telling everyone about it. The current trend in horror seems to be slow-burners. This movie ignores that trend and delivers a fast-paced, hard punching, good old fashioned horror movie. A welcome change. It felt like a throwback to films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen. It feels like it was written BY a horror fan FOR horror fans. I haven’t been this excited for a film since Saint Maude! It’s an absolute MUST SEE.

An elderly couple will do anything for their grandson. Anything. This movie showcases the devastation of grief and guilt. Jackson tragically died, and in grief, the couple turn to Satanism to bring back their grandchild.

This film, directed by Justin G. Dyck, was not only exceptionally written by Keith Cooper, it’s perfectly cast. Julian Richings portrayed Dr. Henry Walsh. It’s Henry you REALLY feel bad for. His performance garnered him an award for Best Actor at the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival. Sheila McCarthy, one of Canada’s most honored actors in film, television and stage- was flawless at playing the kindly doting wife and grieving grandmother. You feel a genuine affinity for her. Shannon (the pregnant victim/host) is portrayed by Canadian actress/writer/producer, Konstantina Mantelos who nails it. Then we have actor/composer, Josh Cruddas who portrayed the brooding, cringeworthy and sinister Ian, another Satanist in their group. Ian is a character. Cruddas played him superbly. 👌

Desperate people can turn to desperate measures.

This movie does NOT mess around. Within five minutes we have a seemingly normal senior couple going about their morning only to stop, noting the time, and suddenly kidnapping a pregnant woman (Shannon) dragging her into their home against her will. Once restrained and gagged, Audrey (McCarthy) reads from a prepared statement apologizing for the circumstances, explaining they mean her or her unborn child no harm. The prepared statement indicates to us the degree this has been meticulously planned.

Finding a thousand year old satanic book seems to hold the key to bringing Jackson back, and this young pregnant woman’s unborn child will make the perfect host.

Dear sweet Audrey practices a little necromancy with some local crows.

“We can’t be bringing dead things to life.” Henry tells Audrey in which she admits she’s been doing it all morning. Eventually ending up with a murder of reanimated crows circling their home. This is where we learn that they may not be totally educated in what they’re doing. Boomers, am I right?

Performing a ritual from a book they literally know nothing about brings about some unfortunate circumstances. Disturbing circumstances. (spoilers)

Throughout the film you can’t help but feel consistent empathy for both Audrey and Henry. For Audrey’s loss, grief and desperation, and Henry; just trying to be a supportive loving husband who will do literally anything for his wife, getting caught in the middle of a horrific situation.

The Walshes weren’t prepared for the side effects of Satanic rituals

When they worry that they have done the ritual incorrectly, they consult one of their fellow Satanic Church members- Ian. He’s creepy, clearly unstable, angry, has some questionable hair, and we just know he’s going to fuck something up. He then informs the couple that they have done the ritual correctly, but it’s incomplete. There’s a second part that needs to happen. The sacrifice part. What they’ve actually done is just open the gates, as Ian tells them, “Every ghost in purgatory is going to be crawling to find a host“. The end result is that all these lost souls and frightening entities are now drawn to the Walsh house like a magnet. This results in several hauntingly memorable scenes, characters and creatures. There’s some truly horrific imagery in this already dark movie that are going to stick with you for a while.

You’ll never floss your teeth in the same manner again.

Ever lie in your bed at night wondering… What if I look down right now and see a face? A horrendous face? Yeah… It’s like THAT.

Some serious nightmare fuel

This movie was SO good that I watched it twice. I didn’t want to miss a thing. It was flawless in its conception, execution, acting, writing and highly deserves recognition. Being touted as Canada’s response to Hereditary is a lofty standard to live up to but this film delivers. And delivers. And delivers. I would just advise AGAINST watching this movie alone in the dark.


EXCITING NEWS!! I will have the pleasure of co-hosting an upcoming podcast with Anya Gorre where we’ll be talking to the writer of this film, Keith Cooper himself! Stay tuned!

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Satanic Meeting

Floss Woman

The Walshes

Nightmare Fuel