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Holiday Horror: The Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar < Le Calendrier> (2021) Director: Patrick Ridremont France. English Subtitle Horror/Thriller What its about Eva is a former dancer that’s now a parapalegic. She receives a gift of a mysterious advent calendar. Opening a new door each day results in a different consequence, some positive, others… She has to obey all the […]

Holiday Horror: Deathcember

24 International Directors 24 Short Films  What its about 24 directors from around the world, 24 short films. 24 different stories that take a stab at the darker aspects of the holiday season. Set up like an advent calendar, it takes the viewer through different genres of horror gift-wrapped in a two hour and 25 […]

Let’s Talk About A Classic Horror Story

Directors: Roberto De Feo, Paolo Strippoli Italian Horror What its about Loosely based on a real Sicilian urban legend, five strangers mysteriously crash their rideshare camper into a tree while trying to avoid a dead animal carcass. Finding themselves inexplicably in the middle of the woods surrounded by forest and no road, they must fight […]

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