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Let’s Talk About The Cursed

Writer/Director: Sean Ellis Gothic Horror What it’s about It’s 19th century France. A pathologist arrives in a remote rural village to investigate what appears to be wild animal attacks, attacks like he’s seen prior from his own village. He uncovers a sinister mystery that’s affecting the villagers.  There are gypsies and creature effects in this […]

My First Horror Experience With Sledgehammer Horror

About a month ago, I sat down with Ken from Sledgehammer Horror for their “My First Horror” series. I talked about my very first sit-down experience with a horror movie. My first horror movie was… Be sure to give them a like/follow/Subscribe!

Let’s Talk About X

Written/Directed/Produced by Ti West Distributed by A24 What it’s about A group of twenty somethings set off to film an adult film in rural Texas, renting a location from elderly couple – Howard and Pearl. With dreams of stardom and celebrity, the crew of six begin filming their movie only to learn that something is […]

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