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Let’s Talk About Train to Busan

My exploration of foreign horror movies continues with another stop in Korea. As a zombie flick aficionado, the glowing reviews from the community and critics alike – 94% on the Tomatometer and 88% Audience Score at Rotten Tomatoes – meant I had to board the Train to Busan. And boy, I’m glad I did. This […]

Let’s Talk About The Burning

I missed this one over the years. HOW. Things you NEED to know about this movie: This is the first movie under MIRAMAX , the production company launched by the disgraced Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob. Weinstein was desperate to get into the horror movie genre after seeing the success of The Texas Chainsaw […]

Let’s Talk About Possessor

4 Things: There were some film sequences with flashing lights and colors that made me physically nauseous. So beware. If you like David Cronenberg (Dad) films, you’ll probably like this. If you like Black Mirror, you’ll probably like this. A lot of stabbing. Like, A LOT of stabbing. Possessor is Brandon Cronenberg’s second outing – […]

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